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Ivan Esenko: Predators
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e-knjige za otroke / e-knjige za mladostnike / Priročniki / naravoslovje, tehnika, matematika

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Ivan Esenko

Come and discover the wonderful life of predators! Learn about their environment, their physical features, what they eat and much more!

Lastnost Vrednost
Založnik Okaši
Zbirka How they live
Prevod Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi
Leto izdaje 2016
Strani 12
Jezik angleški
Tip datoteke epub

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    Še 3 dni 35 min in 6 sekund

Dolg opis

Wild mammals in Europe include a range of families such as cats, dogs, bears and martens. They are mainly predators feeding on meat, either from animals they kill or carrion (animals found dead). They also include mammals that are omnivorous or even predominantly herbivorous. Their teeth are especially formed for killing, tearing flesh and crushing bones.

Ivan Esenko presents the world of nature and invites the reader to learn more about the world that we are part of. His camera is his most faithful companion and its lens particularly likes to ‘capture’ those animals that live in close quarters to man. We take them so much for granted that we no longer seem to care for them. Ivan is their voice, he has become their ‘personal’ photographer.

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